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Business opportunities in the heart of Europe

The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) is honored to present you with this DVD.
We are a private institution that promotes economic, commercial and scientific relations between Flanders (the northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) and the People's Republic of China.
We assist companies in doing business with China and support Chinese companies wishing to invest in Flanders. 

Even though Flanders' size is modest, our region excels in a wide variety of business domains: the automotive sector, metals and materials, logistics, IT, pharmaceuticals, the energy and the environment industry, food & beverages.
This DVD offers you a brief overview of some of Flanders' most prominent and groundbreaking companies and knowledge centers. 

All these companies, different and unique as they may be, share one single passion: they aim to 'think differently' in a constant quest for innovation. 
This philosophy has made them what they are today: absolute forerunners and world leaders in their respective fields. 

The stories on this DVD testify to the dynamism and the many opportunities Flanders has to offer. 
We are convinced that the heart of Europe will be worth considering for your next investment and business target. 

Think Flanders: small size, big opportunities!