Health Tech in China - Flanders Investment & Trade | Market Survey

Although China, the second largest health care market in the world, is currently mainly perceived by the rest of the world in terms of its Zero Covid Strategy and difference with countries adopting a Living with the Virus strategy, the Chinese Health care system has made considerable progress over the last decades, as illustrated by China’s life expectancy, which now exceeds that of the United States.

China has been a global leader in IVD, testing equipment and health care consumables, but MedTech companies have also grown into sizeable players in medical imaging, and emerging domains such as surgical robotics and early cancer screening. Collaboration opportunities exist here as well for MedTech companies from Flanders, for example through accelerated registration tracks in medical pilot zones. Barco, a leading company from Flanders, is embedded in the China MedTech ecosystem as an OEM for high-end medical displays.

This report is intended to be a primer for Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health companies from Flanders to get an understanding of the China health care market, its opportunities and challenges, and is a starting point for these companies to further explore the market and potential partnerships in collaboration with the team of Flanders Investment & Trade in China.

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