Flanders Investment & Trade publishes market study on e-commerce in China

Flanders Investment & Trade has published a market study on e-commerce in China.

In the introduction, FIT writes that e-commerce is booming in China. Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, Chinese consumers are shopping more offline than online. In 2021 the value of online retail of physical goods increased by 12% in China to CNY10.8 billion, or 24.5% of all retail sales of consumer goods in China. The focus in e-commerce is on sales of consumer products, a strong point of Flanders' exporters. The Chinese e-commerce sector is an interesting market for many Flemish companies, especially for food and beverage; cosmetics; personal care products; over-the-counter drugs and other daily use products.

Besides e-commerce for domestic trade, there is also Chinese cross-border e-commerce. This platform for import and export is relevant to Flemish exporters. In the first quarter of 2022, Chinese imports through cross-border e-commerce reached CNY124.1 trillion. However, not all products can enter China through e-commerce. By March 2022, China had approved 1,476 products that are allowed to be imported through cross-border e-commerce. You will read all about it in this report.

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