Opportunities for Flanders' companies in the healthcare sector in China

Opportunities for Flanders' companies in the healthcare sector in China

The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) has made a study with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) on opportunities for Flanders' companies in the health sector in China. At the request of FIT, the study is published in the Dutch language.

China is the second largest healthcare market in the world and reforming healthcare is one of the priorities of the Chinese government. Companies in Flanders active in the healthcare sector cannot ignore China. The recent Covid-19 pandemic shows the Chinese government is considering the fight against infectious diseases as being of paramount importance. China's healthcare sector has evolved from providing rudimentary care to building modern advanced hospitals, the use of high-technology in the medtech sector, and the development of new medicines. To provide insights in opportunities for our companies, the study looks at the Five Year Plan and the evolution of the sector since the beginning of the past century.

The study examines different sub-sectors, including the building and management of hospitals; the production, import and sales of drugs and medical equipment; the role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the healthcare sector; and healthcare in Hainan province, where pilot programs for the import of foreign medicines and medical equipment, which are not allowed to be distributed elsewhere in China, are being implemented.

The study also reviews the latest developments in the past three months to illustrate the possibilities offered in the sector. Finally, some tips and tricks of doing business in China are listed.

A second, separate study, looks at opportunities in the biotech sector in China.

You can obtain a copy of the study in PDF format by sending a email to : gwen.sonck@flanders-china.be