Notice from the Chinese Embassy: Adjusting the procedure and material requirement for applying Chinese visa

1. To resume personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries in an orderly manner, starting from 17 June 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Belgium will adjust the requirements for visas for work, business, non-commercial visit, and family reunion or visit in China. The updated procedures and material requirements are as follows:

(1) Complete the visa application form online (, print the form and sign it at the corresponding location for confirmation.

(2) The applicant himself/herself should go to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Brussels at the appointed time to submit the application and have the ten fingerprints collected by the Center.

(3) Submit application documents:

— The printed application form completed online;

— The original passport and a copy of the information page;

— Proof of legal stay or residence in Belgium (for eligible third country citizens in Belgium);

— Certificate of COVID-19 vaccination;

— Other materials (see table below)

2. The visas mentioned below are all processed by the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Brussels. For specific procedures, application requirements, office hours, and fee standards, please consult the visa application center.

Address: No.109 Rue Neerveld, Woluwe Saint-Lambert 1200,Bruxelles

Phone: 0032(0)27750888 Fax: 0032(0)27750880


3. Applicants for diplomatic, official and courtesy visas do not need to make an appointment. They only need to complete the application form online (, print the application form, and submit application directly to the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.

4. In case of any discrepancy on the requirements of application of the visas mentioned below between this notice and notices previously issued by the Chinese embassy in Belgium, this notice shall prevail.

The original notice was published on June 17, 2002 - including the visa table - here