Moore – MS Advisory publishes “The Complete Guide to Doing Business in China”

Moore – MS Advisory has published the 2022 edition of their publication “The Complete Guide to Doing Business in China”. Following is the introduction to the guide by Mr Raoul P. E. Schweicher, Managing Partner.

With China on a path to becoming the world’s largest economy in the coming years, interest in the Chinese market remains high. While there is a large amount of knowledge widely available on doing business in China, it is often not comprehensive enough for investors or entrepreneurs to get a complete understanding of what is necessary to start their China operation.

In this business guide we aim to provide you with necessary insight into key aspects of the local regulatory environment, investing and doing business in China. Through this guide you should obtain a fundamental understanding of the regulations and processes necessary to start and maintain a business in the Chinese market.

While many of the opportunities and challenges faced in 2022 are not new to China, there has indeed been a number of unforeseen circumstances that have unfolded, which have an impact on foreign investment. Despite the short- and medium-term impact of geopolitical events and pandemic restrictions, the long-term outlook still remains strong.

China has never been considered an easy place to do business. For companies who enter, there is neither a consistent state of good nor bad. It is an interesting market that offers innumerable opportunities to those who participate in it. The rewards and opportunities are not met without challenge though, and for all those businesses that have achieved success in the market there are plenty of others who have not succeeded.

After being in the Chinese market for more than 10 years and dealing with the companies across all industries, we have assisted a long list of companies with their numerous administrative and financial challenges that are inevitable when doing business in China.

You can download the Guide here .