Seminar “Doing Business with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)” — Brussels back to events

Date: 14/05/2019 - 14/05/2019
Where: Kon. Albert ii-laan 35, 1030 Brussels
Type: FCCC events
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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,


The Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce and Flanders Investment & Trade have the pleasure to invite you to the seminar: “Doing Business with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)” - Run up event for the Annual Meeting of the AIIB between 10-12th July 2019 in Luxembourg, which will take place on 14 May and starts at 10h00 at Ellipsgebouw (Auditorium) Kon. Albert ii-laan 35, 1030 Brussels. 




10.00 – 10.05   Welcome by Mr. Johan Malin, Flanders Investment & Trade

10.05 – 10.30   Presentation by Mr. Ronald De Swert and Mr. Philippe Nizeyimana of the FPS Finances,  

                         Department of the Treasury on the relations between Belgium and the AIIB

10.30 – 11.00   Overview of the AIIB, procurement procedures and opportunities by Mr. Ian Nightingale

                         Procurement Advisor

11.00 – 11.30   Presentation on the AIIB investment operations, project pipeline, and potential investment 

                         opportunities by Mr. Ke Fang, Manager of the Implementation Monitoring Unit of the AIIB

11.30 – 11.45   Closing remarks by Ms. Gwenn Sonck of the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce

11.45 – 12.00   Question and Answer

12.00 – 13.00   Sandwich lunch (VIP-room floor -1)

13.00 – 15.00   Possibility for 1 on 1 meeting for companies with concrete projects


Participation fee:

The participation fee is €75.


If you are interested in attending this event, please register before 8 May 2019 via this link:

We are looking forward to seeing you there!