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Date: 20/09/2007 - 20/09/2007
Where: Wommelgem
Type: FCCC events
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Tianjin Liho Import & Export Group Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that specializes in light  industrial products, is already supplying the European market for several decades from its  branch in Wommelgem, in the province of Antwerp. Tianjin Liho and the People’s Government  of Tianjin have recently decided to further invest in our region. 

With its new China-Europe Trade Center (CETC) in Wommelgem Tianjin Liho now has a  showroom covering 5,000 square meters of stocking space and 230 square meters of meeting  rooms. This site will function as a bridgehead between China and Belgium for import and  export activities.

The Chinese Embassy in Brussels, the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce, the District  Council of Wommelgem and the province of Antwerp are delighted with this investment. 
Therefore we invited you, on behalf of the city of Tianjin, to the official opening of the new China-Europe Trade Center on 20 September in Wommelgem.

Around 300 participants were present at this ceremony.
First, there were welcome speeches by the China-Europe Trade Center and Mr Walter Van Der Plaetsen, Mayor of Wommelgem.
This was followed by a speech by Mr Koen Helsen, Executive Member of the Board of the Province of Antwerp, about the solid business relations between Antwerp and China.

HE Mrs Zhang Qiyue, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Belgium, stressed the importance of the investment of Tianjin Liho in Wommelgem.
Mrs Xing Jun, Vice-Chairwoman of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, gave some explanatory notes on this investment.

After the official opening ceremony, the participants could have a look around the China-Europe Trade Center and its new exhibition room in which several brand products were at display.
More information about this event and the China Europe Trade Center is available on request