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Date: 15/11/2007 - 15/11/2007
Type: FCCC events
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This half-day interactive workshop started at 15h.
The highly interactive session was facilitated by Philippe Leliaert, founder and Director of SyntaxisNetworking, who gave an introduction about the individual & group dynamics of change.

First Mr Leliaert gave a presentation of the LingHe Simulation Innovation & Change Management Business Game with a discussion of the group results and some lessons learned.
This was followed by presentations about Resistance to Change and Strategies for Innovation & Change.
The workshop featured the LingHe Simulation, a so-called business game, developed at the Center for Advanced Learning Technologies at INSEAD.
The main subject areas covered during the workshop were:

  • The four phases of change (awareness, interest, test and acceptance) that everyone goes through, be it at different speeds.`
  • The dynamics and different forms of resistance to change in China – and how to recognise and anticipate such resistance.

This workshop aimed at those responsible for introducing and implementing innovation and change in China. This included CEO’s, general managers, HR and project managers, etc., involved in developing business operations in China, since they not only need to support innovation but also motivate everyone to embrace the changes.

The workshop gave a clear understanding of the key concepts & drivers of resistance to change, illustrated how group dynamics serve to resolve and overcome resistance, provided practical knowledge and insight into how to plan and implement innovation and change in China, clarified the role of management and leadership in ensuring that changes are adopted and last but not least provided insight into participants’ own attitudes and behaviours regarding change.

The 15 participants in this workshop gained a number of insights and skills in the theory and practice of innovation & change management, which are relevant to managers both in their role as innovation strategists (i.e. decision makers) and in their role as change agents (i.e. implementers). 
This workshop provided a unique awareness-building opportunity in a risk-free environment through the use of a business game (or simulation) that was developed by INSEAD’s Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies to specifically address the dynamics of change in Chinese organisations. It helped participants understand how different people react differently to their chosen actions and how sometimes their good but ill-timed intentions could have disastrous effects. It made them experience the rewards as well as the frustrations of making change happen.

The handouts of this workshop can be obtained by sending an e-mail to: