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Date: 18/10/2007 - 18/10/2007
Type: FCCC events
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After 20 years of investment-based growth, domestic consumption in China is finally taking off. 
The Chinese middle class is growing fast, consumption habits are changing, and a larger part of the disposable income goes to consumption rather than savings. 

This will bring enormous opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies alike. The market for high-end and specialty products, many imported, will grow exponentially.

Therefore, foreign companies should assess or re-assess their potential market in China. 
However, while the opportunities are huge, the challenges remain very big too, and the market requires considerable investment and attention, in particular regarding distribution and human resources

To address this issue, the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce and the Province of East-Flanders organized a seminar at the Provincial House in Gent to give you an insight on getting your product to the Chinese consumer. 

Around 80 participants were welcomed by Mr Marc De Buck, Member of the Provincial Executive Board of East Flanders. 

His speech was followed by the presentation of Mr Jan Borgonjon, President of InterChina Consulting, with some practical tips and tricks about getting your product to the Chinese consumer. 

After the Q&A session, Mr Bernard Dursin, Vice-Chairman Flanders-China Chamber of  Commerce and Senior Vice-President Barco gave his concluding remarks about the presentation.

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