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Date: 19/11/2008 - 19/11/2008
Type: FCCC events
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To coincide with the Creativity World Forum, the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce 
hosted a dinner in honour of the visit by two high-level Chinese delegations: 
Professor Zhang Yixing, Deputy Director-General of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs 
Office, led a delegation of Shanghai municipal government officials, and Mr Wu Tiejun, 
Assistant Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government, led a delegation of officials from 
that government and the Foreign Investment Bureau.

The dinner gave participants an excellent opportunity to gain a better insight into Shanghai’s future 
development plans and also investment opportunities In Qingdao. It also provided a unique 
opportunity to strengthen ties and broaden the network, including contacts from both 
these important delegations.

This event was organised with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade.