FCCC dinner in honor of the Mayor of Shenyang and his Delegation 2007 back to events

Date: 30/05/2007 - 30/05/2007
Where: De Warande - Brussels
Type: FCCC events
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Following up on previous visits to Belgium by delegations from Shenyang and visits from the 
Flanders Government to Shenyang, the FCCC organized a dinner in honor of Mayor Li Yingjie 
and his delegation. 

The dinner took place at De Warande and was widely attended by 70 business leaders and officials who had been given the opportunity to meet the Mayor personally. 
Mr Bert De Graeve, Chairman FCCC and CEO of Bekaert, and the Mayor of Shenyang, Mr Li Yingjie, both stressed the importance of further collaboration between both sides.  

During the visit of the Mayor of Shenyang, Mr Bert De Graeve, Chairman FCCC,  and Mr Yu Zhenming, Director of the  Shenyang-European Union Economic Development Zone  signed a memorandum to promote the Shenyang-European Union Economic Development Zone to foreign investors.  
A brochure and investment guide can be obtained at the FCCC secretariat: info@flanders-china.be.