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Government: Weihai

Website:    investweihai.gov.cn

Rep. Office
Hubert Frere Orbanlaan 495, 9000 Gent-Belgium
E: euoffice_wh@163.com


Weihai is located in the eastern tip of Shandong peninsula, facing Korea and Japan across the sea. Weihai covers a land area of 5, 797 square kilometers with a coastline of 985.9 kilometers. The permanent population is 2,816,100. It has established three national level development zones, six provincial level economic development zones, four provincial level tourist resorts and a batch of specialized parks, which can extensively undertake different types and levels of industrial transfer. 


Key industries


Automobiles and Auto Parts Industry. Weihai is an important production base of automobile and parts. There are 8 whole car producers and 64 auto parts manufacturers in Weihai. Weihai is China’s largest tire, steel cord production base and an important production base for automobile spare parts.


Shipbuilding and Ship Equipment Matching Industry Weihai is China’s important shipbuilding base, with ten major shipbuilding enterprises. Wehai has formed a shipbuilding industrial chain consisting of entire ship products such as multi-functional container ship, passenger ship, bulk cargo ship, oil tanker etc and spare parts such as paint, devices, ship block, fireproofing board, etc.


Electronics & Information Industry There are many well-established enterprises in Weihai. Their production covers 12 major categories and over 100 series such as printers, optical fiber cable, communication cables, UTP data cable, fiber optic connectors, seismic sensors, monitors, displays etc. Weihai is China’s important production base for laser printers, fax machines and special-purpose printer products.


Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Industry  Weihai has already formed relatively complete industry systems including numerical control machine tools and spare parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, special equipment, and element parts of Machinery etc. It is also the national well-known production base of woodworking machinery, construction machinery and hand tool.

Food Industry There are famous enterprises in Weihai covering food processing, food production, beverage production and more than 1000 varieties. The output of processed aquatic foods and concentrated fruit juice ranks the first in the country.

Pharmaceutical Industry There are 23 above-scale pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, which has formed a pharmaceutical industrial production system based on chemical pharmacy, oriented by medical equipment, supplemented by Chinese patent medicine and followed up by marine health medicine. There are 16 technological development centers above the city level, two postdoctoral scientific research workstations and one national technological center. Wego Group is the largest medical system solution manufacturer in China.


Foreign investment


Weihai is one of the best cities in terms of economic development. At present, Weihai has established friendly relationships with 48 cities in 13 nations, and economic and trade cooperation with 189 nations and districts all over the world. Weihai is in the leading list of Shandong Province in terms of economic openness. Many top 500 companies and famous multinational companies have invested in Weihai, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industry, Kumho Asiana and Lotte from South Korea, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Business, Itochu Business, Tobacco Industry and Jusco from Japan, Morgan Stanley, Medtronic, Cooper, Dow Chemical and Jardon from USA, Bekaert from Belgium, Esab from the Netherlands, ArcelorMittal from Luxemburg, Air Liquide from France, and Orica from Australia.


EU Representative Office of Weihai


With the help of the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce, Weihai successfully set up a representative office in Europe which locates in the beautiful city of Gent, Belgium in 2012. In 2013, Weihai and Gent became sister cities and at the end of the year, the two cities signed the agreement of “China Europe Urbanization Cooperation Partnership”.