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Institution: Group T


GROUP T is a renowned institute of higher education situated in the heart of Flanders' most famous student town, Leuven. The region hosts a range of research institutes and high-tech companies that create an ideal learning environment for the students at GROUP T Leuven Engineering School.

GROUP T - associated with the University of Leuven - has forged an extensive network with universities and enterprises in Europe and Asia. These relations have resulted in joint degree programs with several notable universities in Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, and Wuhan. Today, one out of ten students at GROUP T is Chinese, and several Chinese graduates have been employed by Belgian companies.

In recognition of GROUP T's strong alliances with the world of enterprise, its President was offered the co-chairmanship of the UNESCO Chair on Cooperation between Higher Engineering Education and Industries, which was established in 2005 at Beijing Jiaotong University.