Mr. Wim Eraly - KBC Bank back to board

Contact: Mr. Wim Eraly

Function: Head of Corporate and Transaction Banking

Company: KBC Bank


FCCC function: Member of the Board of Directors and Founding Member of the FCCC; Treasurer

KBC in Asia-Pacific


KBC Bank (Moody's rating A3 with stable outlook) has been active in Asia-Pacific for more than twenty years. It is very selective in offering network solutions to clients and directs itself exclusively to those special clients with whom it looks to build up a long-term relationship. Its strategy in the region is to provide practical and high-quality support for medium-sized clients with significant investments in the region. The strategy is founded on the group's strengths, particularly its comprehensive know-how, experience and systems. KBC has two branches in China: Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Our strategy in Asia-Pacific is clear-cut and boils down to the provision of:

  • Payment services
  • Trade and working capital finance services
  • Treasury services
  • Capital market services



  • Local midcaps
  • Trade finance customers
  • Network customers"