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Chen Hui

Chief Rep. of Weihai Government EU Office


The City of Weihai

Weihai is located in the eastern tip of Shandong peninsula, facing Korea and Japan across the sea. Weihai covers a land area of 5, 799.8 square kilometres with a coastline of 985.9 kilometres. The permanent population is 2,836,000. It has established three national-level development zones, a comprehensive bonded zone, Nanhai New District and a batch of specialized parks, which can extensively undertake different types and levels of the industrial transfer.

Seven Industrial Clusters

As one of the key cities in the high-end industrial area of Shandong Province, Weihai has up to 20,000 industrial enterprises. We are making full efforts cultivating seven 100-billion-level industrial clusters.

New Generation of Information Technology.

There are many famous domestic and overseas IT corporations set up factories in Weihai, such as HP and Jabil from the USA, ASE from Taiwan, etc. With many local companies, such as Beiyang group, SNBC, an important production base for information technology in China has emerged. It strives to achieve revenue of more than 130 billion yuan by 2022

New Medicine and Medical Devices.

There are many local pharmaceutical and medical device companies such as Wego Group, Disha Pharmaceutical Group, JW Medical Systems (JWMS), etc in Weihai. Wego Group is the largest medical system solution manufacturer in China. Terumo and Nikkso have set up JVs with Wego, producing blood purification devices. It strives to achieve revenue of more than 130 billion yuan by 2022.

Advanced Equipment and Intelligent Manufacturing

Weihai is a famous production base for shipbuilding, automobile parts, mechanical and electrical products, etc. There is a group of key enterprises such as Triangle Group, Chengshan Group, Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd., Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co., Ltd., Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. It strives to achieve revenue of more than 220 billion yuan by 2022

Carbon Fiber and Other Composite Materials

Several local backbone enterprises such as Guangwei Composite Material Co., Ltd.(Guangwei Compos), Weihai Wanfeng Magnesium S&T Development Co., Ltd. (WFMG), Weihai CNG Coated Glass Co., Ltd., etc. have risen in Weihai. Guangwei Compos is among the biggest and most advanced carbon fibre producers in China. It strives to achieve revenue of more than 110 billion yuan by 2022

Marine Biology and Healthy Food

Weihai is the biggest production base for marine food in China. There are famous enterprises, such as Homey Group, Chishan Group, Taixiang Food Co., Ltd, in Weihai, covering food processing, food production, beverage production and more than 1000 varieties. It strives to achieve revenue of 220 billion yuan by 2022.

Fashion and Leisure Sports Products

There are a number of key enterprises such as Dishang Group, Jinho Group, Weihai Guangwei, Compaks Co., Ltd., etc. They produce fashion clothes and accessories, fishing tackles, caravans, skis, yachts, etc. It strives to achieve revenue of more than 110 billion yuan by 2022

Health-care Tourism

Weihai is one of the National Excellent Tourism Cities. The mountains, sea, beaches, islands harmoniously present fantastic coastal natural scenery. Based on the excellent environment, the health-care industry has been developing for years. An international medical and health industrial town is under construction in Weihai East New Town, and attracting many famous health-care facilities set up branches here. It strives to achieve revenue of 130 billion yuan by 2022

Foreign investment

Weihai is one of the best cities in terms of economic development. At present, Weihai has established friendly relationships with 16 cities worldwide, and economic and trade cooperation with 200 nations and districts all over the world. Weihai is in the leading list of Shandong Province in terms of economic openness. Many top 500 companies and famous multinational companies have invested in Weihai, including HP, Jabil from the USA, Samsung Heavy Industry, Kumho Asiana from South Korea, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Business, Itochu Business, Tobacco Industry from Japan, Bekaert and Beaulieu from Belgium, Marquardt and Berger from Germany, ArcelorMittal from Luxemburg, Air Liquide from France, and Orica from Australia

EU Representative Office of Weihai

With the help of the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce, Weihai successfully set up a representative office in Europe which locates in Munich, Germany now. In 2013, Weihai and Gent became sister cities and at the end of the year, the two cities signed the agreement of "China Europe Urbanization Cooperation Partnership".